WeFuzz secures seed funding to bring decentralized auditing and bug bounty platform to Web3

Current Challenges in Web3

  • Ensuring their assets are safe from cyber theft, data hacks, or any other risk that can result in a loss of funds and compromised data.
  • Being able to get audits done cost-effectively; be it private or public security audits.
  • Ensure the smart contracts are audited by multiple auditors.
  • Hackers do not want to share sensitive personal data.
  • Hackers, auditors, and developers need complete transparency.

How WeFuzz Works

  • WeFuzz Audit Campaign
  • WeFuzz Bounty Campaign

WeFuzz Audit Campaign

WeFuzz Bounty Campaign

Sample screens from MVP


  • Onboarding auditors and audit requesters from November 2022.
  • Launching the product on Solana Devnet in Q4 2022.
  • Hiring smart contract developers and DApp developers for Solana to scale up the development process.



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A fully decentralized, non-custodial protocol for private & public crowdsourced security audit and bug-bounty platform *The Hacker DAO* → https://wefuzz.io