Coinbase grant winners

Hello all,

WEFUZZ team is super excited and humbled to be a recipient of the prestigious the Coinbase Crypto Community Fund!

WeFuzz plans to build a, fully decentralized, crowdsourced security audit and bug bounty platform: a set of smart contracts that allow developers and companies to get their smart contracts, blockchains, web3 applications etc., audited by the decentralized auditors’ and hackers’ community and makes it easy for everyone to secure their assets. WEFUZZ (Chaitanya and Ranjeet) aims to become the *Hacker DAO*.

Huge thanks to Coinbase for funding our efforts in improving the security posture of Blockchain!

For more details about the Coinbase grant, please check:

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A fully decentralized, non-custodial protocol for private & public crowdsourced security audit and bug-bounty platform *The Hacker DAO* →